It’s Time…

For A Change

Yes, the time has come to pass on the Mission!

As we announced at the Salsa Beach Festival 2017 it was, after 13 years of organizing the Salsa Beach Festival, time for a change.

And Change we Found!

We are very proud to announce that Fantasia Entertainment will, from 2018 onward, take over the Salsa Beach Festival Fire and will transform it into the yearly Salsa Bachata Beach Festival!

What is Fantasia Entertainment?

Fantasia Entertainment is runned by no one less then Eric Lalta.

Eric changed the Salsa world with his showteam Salsa Dance Squad, bringing breathtaking shows by adding theatre elements into his dance choreographies.

Salsa Dance Squad, better known as SDS at that time, took the world by storm and for many years where part of the world top leading showteams, performing in the US, Germany, France, Turkey, Dubai, Singapore, Japan and many other countries.

Once noticed by many organizers because of his unique vision on theatre and shows, Eric soon became the leading figure in the Salsa & Bachata Festival Industry for putting up the most amazing showcases on worlds leading stages at both Salsa and Bachata Festivals.

Eric will now bring his unique vision on Dance, Show and Entertainment back to Holland!

It’s Time…

To Pass On the Mission….

What will change?

Well, basically everything will change! For the better!

Supported by a great team, combining the best of both worlds, Fantasia will bring you the Salsa & Bachata Beach Festival!

  • The festival will only focus on Salsa and Bachata.
  • You will be part of more than 1 party in the evening.
  • The festival will host the very first Dutch Bachata Championships.
  • You will be part of the best of the best of Dance Entertainment that will be offered troughout the weekend.
  • The festival will bring the best of the best of Salsa Artist from around the world.
  • The festival will move to the Kurhaus of Scheveningen. This unique location at the beach of Scheveningen has been the home for many Dutch Dance Championships and is one of the most beautiful buildings of the Netherlands.
  • You will be able to get a variety of tickets such as the Visual Pass that will enable you to get all workshops + bonusses on video after the festival
  • This and much more….

How to get your Discount Tickets?

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